The History 



The Fox Inn 

Fox Cottages 

The building that is now The Fox Inn dates back to the 19th century. Originally two dwellings, it is known to have existed in 1850 (War Department Map) and was known as Fox Cottages.

The two cottages were owned by a local farmer and landowner, James Calloway, who lived in Combe Farm, also known as “Calloways”. 

Combe Farm was situated on the site of the residential development that replaced Concept 2000 at the junction of Farnborough Road and Rectory Road, then known as Dogkennel Lane.

James Calloway died in 1858 and on 1st March 1859 the cottages were acquired by George Saunders, farmer & shopkeeper. 

The conveyance from the 1859 sale descibes the land conveyed as comprising "1 acre and two cottages".

At this time Hawley and Cove were descibed as "tithings" in the parish of Yateley within the Crondall Hundreds, as can be seen from this 1860's Harrods & Co, Directory of Hampshire & the Isle of Wight, which was published in 1865 :

Also listed above is George Saunders, Farmer and Grocer, Cove.

The 1861 census confirms Fox Cottages as a Grocers Shop (Ref 99) occupied by George Saunders & family, a servant and a guest:

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