The Fox Beer House

On May 12th 1865 Fox Cottages were acquired by Henry Hewett & Co Ltd, a brewery located in Southlake Street, Waltham St. Lawrence, Berkshire. It is likely that George  Saunders had already been selling beer from the cottages prior to the sale, but the aquisition by Henry Hewett heralded the true birth of the Fox Beer House.

The 1865 conveyance described the transaction as being “one acre and five perches of land and all that messuage or tenement and buildings lately erected by the said George Saunders on the said piece or parcel of land”.

Whether Mr. Saunders stayed on as publican is not known, however the first recorded publican was William Oxlade, shown here on the 1871 Census.

The 1881 Census and the 1898 Kelly’s Directory shows James Searle as the publican.

The Fox (BH) appears on this 1894 map of the Fox Lane area surrounded by open fields, woods and farmland with very few dwellings.

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